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We currently face a web of problems. Many problems have easy solutions, but sometimes an apparently easy solution to a problem has unintended consequences. This is because we had not fully understood the problem – the dynamics and interconnections. Many people regard a number of problems as being isolated problems when, in reality, they are dynamically connected. For example, problems caused by exceeding planetary boundaries are exacerbated by climate change. These problems include desertification, deforestation, extinction of species, diminishing aquifers, diminishing fertile soil, and increasing scarcity of fresh water supplies. The list goes on. Our response to these problems individually or as a combination forms part of the web of problems because some responses such as resistance to change can result in further problems. The problems we face do not form individual linear chains of cause and effect. We need to understand the interconnections and dynamics of the problems in order to resolve the problems in combination. There are a number of disparate disciplines which all contribute to this understanding. Not one single publication provides a total overview of our predicament and provide corresponding possible solutions. A fuller understanding requires reading and absorbing a number of publications.

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