Recommended Books - Introductory

Chalmers, A.F. What is this thing called Science? Queensland, University of Queensland Press, 1982.

Cook, J. Cranky Uncle vs Climate Change: How to Understand and Respond to Climate Science Deniers. New York, Citadel Press, 2020.

Cox, S. The Green New Deal and Beyond: Ending the Climate Emergency While We Still Can. San Fancisco, City Lights Books, 2020.

Haskins, G.R. A Practical Guide to Critical Thinking: Essential Steps for Developing Sound Reasoning and Arguments while Overcoming Hindrances to Rational Thinking. Kindle, 2nd Edition 2016. US $3.40

 Haskins, G.R. Ten Steps to Overcome Media Disinformation & Manipulation: How to Apply Critical Thinking to Avoid Psychological Manipulation and Fake News, Obtain Salient Facts and Develop Sound Opinions. Kindle, 2019.  US $3.66

Reichmann, W.J. Use and Abuse of Statistics. Harmondsworth, Penguin, 1973

Seidel, P. Uncommon Sense: Shortcomings of the Human Mind for Handling Big-Picture, Long Term Challenges. Arlington, Steady State Press, 2020.

Smil, V. Energy: A Beginner’s Guide. Oxford, Oneworld Publications, 2006.

Squarzoni, P. Climate Change: A Personal Journey Through The Science, New York, Abrams ComicArts, 2014.

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